K2 - Universal IIoT

Your Industry 4.0 Gateway


Capture your equipment's cutting-edge information to make better decisions

  • Connect your equipments

  • Fast Installation (Under 2 hours per machine)

  • Included in your SAAS subscription

  • Remotely programmable

The data collected can be:
  • light
  • speed
  • impact
  • vibration
  • humidity
  • temperature
  • cycle time
  • electrical consumption
  • speed and output
  • yield


K2 is designed to help you make informed decisions about your factory

Modernise your machinery

Bring connectivity to your new machines

Improve your productivity

Follow your factory's essential KPI in order to improve your operational performances

Save Money

With your machine connected, eliminate your operation stop-times to save money.

Our sensors easily retrofit to connect both old and new machines

It connects three ways :

  • To machine signals
  • Attached to existing sensors
  • Directly onto a machine’s computer or PLC (MTConnect, OPC-UA, and more)
Smart sensor control and analytics function

Communicating in real time, the smart sensor can activate machines as well.


Manually entering every data point is unreliable and monotonous. Yet, it is essential for continuous improvement to have information on the most expensive processes of their factory. In order to assuredly deliver the right data to manufacturers, smart sensors are vital.

All kinds! CNCs, production lines, robotic arms, valves, etc. Our universal sensor is signal agnostic. That means its capable of understanding any kind of data in order to collect and store it.

With up to 8 connections available, our sensor can connect all of your machine’s vital information.