[COVID-19 Solution]

Intelligence Industrielle is mobilizing to help factories during this period of restraint.

Digital and dynamic signage for factories

A turnkey solution to help a gradual resumption of activities.

It allows you to manage employee traffic in real time and displays the latest social distancing measures in effect in your plant.

“In order to have the right to reopen, companies will have to take concrete measures for health security and social distancing.”

Martin Landry, CEO of Intelligence Industrielle.

Done to ensure the safety of employees

You show your commitment to the safety of your staff.
Thanks to this digital signage solution, you contribute to the good understanding and respect of the measures in effect within your factory.

Control at your fingertips.

Control information

Control the setpoint display with your computer, smartphone or through pre-programmed routines.

Manage the flow of people

In real time, you count and display the number of people in a given space.

And more !

The solution can adapt to your needs and manage SMS alerts, email alerts, timers, statistics, etc.

Adaptable and easy to install

The digital signage solution adapts to every situation and enables the desired information to be communicated effectively.
It’s wherever you want and whenever you want!

A customized solution


Turnkey connected display

To enhance your communication, we provide a complete display solution including a TV, a stand and a mini-computer.

Automatic counting

Thanks to our laser sensor technology, you are able to serenely manage the number of people in a given area.


Adapt your communication according to the sanitary measures in effect in your factory.

Simple prices

  • We take care of everything !
  • Be equipped by tomorrow!

Need multiple dynamic displays in your plant?
Contact us for a tailor-made offer.