You should know what's happening in your factory.

Dashboard features displayed on iPad

A complete software to supervise your production

Dashboards gives you live equipment status and diagnostics

Our software acts as internal communication aid

Easily producing adaptive reports on each machine’s performances

Everything available at your fingertips, on mobile, tablets, and computer

Easily review your factory's trends with our detailed reporting, letting you hone in on opportunities for operational improvement and save money.

Connect with your employees

  • Set the workflow of alerts to reach the right person.
  • Send multiple alerts at appropriate times.
  • Takes account of work schedules, hierarchy, and shift times.
  • Let others know an issue has been resolved.

Customize it

We can tailor the dashboard's graphics, display, and options to fit your company's needs. Choose from our growing selection of our software's on-demand features that are built to help analyze, communicate, and visualize your data

Compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones

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