Making Industrial Data and Insights Accessible to SMEs

Making Industrial Data and Insights Accessible to SMEs

With K2, Intelligence Industrielle offers a new kind of intelligent sensors: universal, simple to manage, and quick to deploy, the solution is made for SME manufacturers. For immediate distribution. Montreal, October 24th, 2018. Today at the Centech Martin Landry, the CEO of Intelligence Industrielle, announced before a gathered group of Industry 4.0 experts the launch of K2, presenting a universal solution revolutionizing Industry 4.0 for SMEs. According to a study last year by BDC, 61% of Canadian SME manufacturers have not [...]

Industry 4.0: Obstacles and Challenges

Technological advancements are causing profound transformations in the manufacturing sector. They are challenging the effectiveness and functionality of “traditional” factories. Work structures, factory culture, business models and even strategic visions are subject to shift. The factory of the future is knocking on Industry’s door and factories are now taking it upon themselves to transform themselves and go digital. (more…)

Data: The Foundation of Industry 4.0

There are more than 7 billion people living around the world today. Of those 7 billion, about 2.5 billion are online and more than 6.5 billion use cell phones. There exist around 10 billion connected devices in total. Take a moment to try to imagine the amount of data that needs to be stored up in the cloud. Data surrounds us, it is everywhere, and the same goes for factories! Anchored in a data-driven universe, factories have started to [...]

Industry 4.0 Engineer Using a Robot Arm

Why is Everyone Investing in Industry 4.0?

Renovating a factory and innovating the manufacturing process. Where would you start? Industry 4.0 is the umbrella term that covers the newest approaches to tackling this question. The technologies include the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, human-machine interface, robot and sensor technology, and 3D printing. Industry 4.0 was a term coined by Germany, but it’s more and more being adopted by countries across the globe. (more…)

Industry 4.0: High Stakes for the Manufacturing Industry

If when you think of a factory your mind still goes to Charlie Chaplin in his film “Modern Times”, prepare to be surprised by the following… Industry 4.0, a concept that for some is still something out of science fiction, aims to create smart factories – factories capable of optimizing its resources and production capacity through automation and digitization. But where does this term come from, why does Industry 4.0 exist, and what are the principle ideas behind it? Intelligence Industrielle is here [...]